Ātrās saites


Latvian Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council (LAOCC) is an association, which unites 58 non-governmental organizations of agricultural production and processing across the country, covering all the sectors and in total represent more than 15000 producers.

The Association formulates a common opinion in order to defend producers’ interests and to discuss various issues with state administration institutions and foreign collaboration partners. The Association collaborates with territorial partners – district farmers’ unions, which unite people from small towns, farmers and other socially active people.

Annually the Association signs an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture on participation of farmers in decision-making.

The organization was registered in 2004, but it was established in 2000 and already at that time started to work in activating the civil society and involved it in decision-making.

The organisation’s aims are:

  • to involve agricultural multi-sectional and professional non-governmental organisations in agricultural and rural development policy formation and implementation;
  • promotion of competitive agricultural production, processing and export;
  • to stimulate rural development;
  • promotion of alternative types of occupation in rural areas.

Annual meeting of members

The highest decision-making body of the LAOCC, it meets twice a year. Each member of the association has one vote in a meeting of members.

Meeting of Association representatives

Decision-making body that operates between meetings of the annual meeting of members and meets not less than once a month. The Society representatives' meeting includes representatives of 24 farmers' organizations - two from each multidisciplinary organization and a group of sectoral organizations. Sectoral group representatives are re-elected once a year - in April, and once a year representatives of LOSP are distributed by multi-sectoral organizations.

The Board

Executive body of the association, consisting of thirteen members, of which seven represent multidisciplinary organizations, five sectoral organizations, and the thirteenth - chairman of the board.The duties of the Chairperson of the Board of the Association shall be performed by one of the representatives of the organizations representing the associations elected by the Representatives' Meeting for a term of 3 years.

The Office

The office provides organization's day-to-day work and communication between its members and other affiliated organizations, including state ministries and non-governmental organizations.