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About LOSP

The Latvian Agricultural Organisation Cooperation Council (Lauksaimniecības organizāciju sadarbības padome, LOSP) is an association that unites more than 50 non-governmental agricultural organisations of national producers and processors, covering the entire territory of Latvia and all production sectors. LOSP is the largest and most comprehensive non-governmental organisation covering the majority of all agricultural sectors in Latvia. The organisation formulates a united opinion of farmers for the defence of farmers' interests and further negotiations with state administration institutions, as well as other cooperation partners.


LOSP cooperates with NGOs of various agricultural sectors both in Latvia and internationally. LOSP's cooperation partners include Copa/Cogeca - organisations that represent the interests of farmers and agricultural cooperatives in the European Union (EU) and international institutions, as well as EMB - European Milk Board, which is an umbrella organisation for 20 associations representing dairy farmers in 15 European countries.

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Unites more than 50 agriculture/farmer NGO's in Latvia

12 300+

Represents the

interests of more than

12 thousand farmers in Latvia

Anno 2000

more than 20 years of experience in the agriculture sector

~45 000

Represents the interests of more than 45 thousand rural area population.

Tel. No: +371 26595531


Address: Republikas laukums 2, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvija

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